Case Studies

Southern Cross Workplace Literacy

Kiwi innovation? Sweet as...!

Three of our nurses in Hamilton are enjoying a little extra support

from Southern Cross during their integration into the Southern Cross workforce - and the Kiwi way of life.

The team members, Yun Yun (from China), Athulya (from lndia) and Nilmini (from Sri Lanka) are benefiting from a novel idea from the Hamilton theatre manager, Christine Gregor. Keen to support their 'immersion' and absorption of 'all things Kiwi', Chris arranged a series of special education sessions, through an initiative called Literacy Waikato. This government sponsored programme involves a teacher coming to the work place and spending an hour once a week with the small group.

The sessions address 'literacy' in a wider sense, looking at language - of course - and also kiwi culture, common Kiwi sayings, Kiwi 'special days' and their relevance and significance (for example, the history of the Anzacs), and Kiwi humour. Chris has been rewarded for this support, with Yun Yun, Athulya and Nilmini engaging in their 'lessons' with great enthusiasm. The team is thoroughly enjoying the learning experience, and Chris has no doubt that it's going well, and that ‘she'll be right'.